Monday, February 23, 2009

Information and Communication Technology overview

We are developing solutions to maximise the benefits of information and communication technologies.How information is produced, collected, sorted, filtered, transmitted, communicated, interpreted and stored is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy – Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).We are currently focusing on ICT that creates and supports:better environmental monitoring and managementmore efficient use of energysmarter and more efficient healthcareimproved agricultural productionsecurity and safety for people.We have the ability to innovate in ICT through its thorough understanding of the needs and problems of Australian industries.Australia has significant expertise in areas such as wireless communications and robotics.In certain core areas of ICT, such as wireless communications and robotics, Australia is globally competitive. We focus our ICT research where our work has potential to lead to globally adopted solutions.Since the development of CSIRAC in 1949, Australia’s first recordable computer, through to recent developments in enterprise search engines and data-mining software, we have been at the forefront of ICT.

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