Friday, February 27, 2009

Intel® Graphics Technology

Making the most of your visual experience.
Get stunning visual results from your mobile or desktop PC with Intel® Graphics Technology, including the full Microsoft Windows Vista* experience¹, beautiful video playback, and excellent mainstream gaming performance.
Intel Graphics Technology is built right onto your PC's motherboard, so you get excellent speed and functionality at low cost, compared to typical add-in graphics cards.
You want rich, vibrant color. You want smooth, crisp images. You want to play high-definition content at full resolution. You want cool realism when you play games on Microsoft Windows Vista.
Thanks to Intel Graphics Technology, that's not a problem. Whether you're shopping for a new notebook, a desktop PC, or a motherboard for a build-it-yourself system, make sure your PC integrates Intel Graphics Technology.
Invigorate your video
High-definition video has revolutionized entertainment, and you shouldn't have to settle for playback that looks less than stunning.
Intel® Clear Video Technology, a suite of video enhancements built into Intel Graphics available on select chipsets², means you don't have to.
Intel Clear Video Technology brings you enhanced video playback, sharper images, precise color control, and advanced support for the latest HD displays. This outstanding video experience is available without an add-in video card.
The image on the left is improperly de-interlaced, causing colors to shift. The image on the right, with Intel Clear Video Technology, is sharp and clear........

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