Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Help Name This Robot!

NASA recently asked us for help in naming the next Mars Rover. Now Carnegie Science Center needs a name for their new robot, who will greet visitors at roboworld, the world's largest permanent robotics exhibit. You can vote for one of five preselected names in an online poll. Options include naming the robot Isaac after Isaac Asimov, Stanely after Stanely Kubrick, or three other names derived from technology jargon. Fortunately, they also have a small link below the poll where you can submit your own suggestion if you don't like any of the five preselected names. Oddly the winning name so far is Andy, which is short for Android (odd since the robot in question is not an android). In fact, the robot is a humanoid entertainment robot called the robothespian designed for theatrical use and built by Engineered Arts Ltd in the UK. You may have spotted it at recent Maker Faires where it was exhibited. (photo below is from the 2007 Maker Faire in Austin). Read on for the full press release.


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