Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Industrial Surplus Transformed into Art Robots

Reader Doug Emes sent us a link to the Guy Robots website which contains a gallery of art robots built from industrial surplus and salvaged parts. Intrigued, I contacted Rich Muller, the artist, to find out a little more. He writes,

I work in the aerospace industry in Los Angeles, and I've been making robots for a few years. Los Angeles is a good place for finding raw material, there are flea markets, swap meets, and countless garage sales every weekend. There are also a number of surplus stores that sell old electronic and avionic equipment, not surprising considering the large amount of aerospace industry in Los Angeles. The old material gets sold to small businesses and garage tinkerers setting up laboratories as well as Hollywood set-decorators and artists. A favorite place is Apex Electronics, where you can find anything from bakelite knobs to a rocket nose-cone. I build and photograph the robots, and my brother, Eric, comes up with the names and bios.

Read on for more photos and here

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